How to Use Chevy Mylink Navigation without Onstar?

We use modern technologies in our cars or trucks to make life easier. Mylink Navigation is one such technology we use in our Chevy cars or trucks.

Chevy’s Mylink Navigation is a GPS service that navigates us by showing roads, streets, directions, traffic information, gas-station information, etc. on the screen of the vehicle. It enables us to find the right track while driving even in an unknown city.

To enjoy the premium or full feature of Chevy’s Mylink Navigation, you need to subscribe to the Onstar service. But the Onstar subscription is very expensive.

You can still enjoy a good Navigation service without Onstar. Though you cannot get a premium service, avoiding Onstar will work just fine.

So, here we are to guide you How to Use Chevy Mylink Navigation without Onstar.

Can you Use Chevy Mylink Navigation without Onstar?

When you buy a Chevy car, the car-dealer provides free Onstar service for a certain period. When it expires, you need to purchase a monthly subscription to enjoy the navigation service.  

Without buying Onstar, you can still use the navigation service (not premium) on your Chevy. It is because most of the Chevy cars come with built-in navigation. The built-in navigation provides features like, showing roads, street view, directions, etc. 

Moreover, you can use third-party paid installation, Google Maps, Android Maps, Apple Play Car, and so on to navigate your Chevy without Onstar.

Many people find it unwise and unnecessary to spend too much money monthly on an Onstar subscription. It is true because you can check the navigation using free Android or iPhone apps.

Here are some effective ways of using online or offline maps right below.

Effective Ways to Use Chevy Mylink Navigation without Onstar

It would be better if you could subscribe to Onstar for your Chevy Mylink Navigation. Without Onstar, you will not be lost in an unknown city because we have got you covered. Let’s check out some effective ways to use GPS Maps while you drive your Chevy.

Chevy In-built Navigation

We have already said that most of the Chevy cars or trucks come with in-built navigation systems. You can use this navigation system to check out the streets, locations, and directions. 

Moreover, you can collaborate your Chevy Mylink Navigation with Smartphone maps like Google Maps. It is also possible to connect your Chevy Screen with Apple Play Car. Then, you can collaborate with the iPhone Maps with your Chevy in-built navigator.

So, it is possible to check the maps of cities while you drive your Chevy, even if you do not subscribe to Onstar.

Third-Party Permanent Subscription

Onstar is a monthly service. You have to pay a huge monthly fee to enjoy the navigation service of Onstar. Many Chevy-owners do not like to subscribe monthly.

It is possible to buy a permanent subscription for your Chevy Mylink Navigation. Many third-party providers offer permanent paid subscriptions. If you do not like Onstar, you can buy a permanent subscription to enjoy Mylink Navigation on your Chevy.

Google Maps

Many Chevy-Owners find it unnecessary to pay too much money on Onstar navigation service, when they can enjoy an equivalent service for free.

Instead of using the car-screen, many people prefer to use a GPS accessible Smart-Tab or a Smartphone to use Google Maps. Using Google Maps, you can enjoy features like direction, navigation, street view, traffic information, setting destination, etc.

For using Google Maps, you need to have a data plan. So, keep a data plan and anchor your Smartphone to the dashboard of your Chevy. It is now possible to spend less and drive more avoiding Onstar.

Third-Party Android or iPhone Maps

You can find many third-party online maps on the PlayStore or AppleStore. Download one and install it on your Smartphone. To use these maps effectively, your device must have GPS or Location service.

Waze, MapQuest, Scout GPS, and Mapfactor Navigator are some well-recognized online maps. These maps provide some incredible features. You can check out the traffic information of the road ahead. It is possible to check the gas-price of your nearest gas station. Moreover, you can learn the travel-time of your destination before you start the journey.

So, many Chevy-Owners find it wise not to spend money on the Onstar subscription.

Offline Maps

Google Maps, Apple Maps, and many other well-famous maps offer offline services as well. So, now you do not need to worry about the network system. You don’t always have to keep a data plan.

Using the offline maps, you can download and store all the details of the area you are driving. Of course you cannot use real-time GPS navigation. But the offline maps will work just fine.

Disadvantages of Using Chevy Mylink Navigation without Onstar

We know that a free feature can never be equivalent to a premium feature. Onstar service is the premium feature for navigating your Chevy.  So, the best option for using the Chevy Mylink Navigation is to subscribe to the Onstar.

There are some disadvantages of using Chevy Mylink Navigation without Onstar. Let’s check out some disadvantages right below.

  • Free online maps, or other third-party navigation will not be as accurate as the Onstar. The free maps will show enough information, but sometimes, it can be wrong. They do not sync with the GPS correctly. So, they can show faulty information.
  • Many free maps do not show small streets which you want to travel.
  • Third-Party paid installation costs a lot of money. On top of that, it is not as secure as the Onstar.
  • If you want to use online maps on your smartphone, you need to keep a data plan always. Moreover, you cannot access the map in areas where there are no networks. In many countries, it is prohibited to use smartphones while you drive.

For getting better services, you need to spend better. If money is not your concern, we recommend you to use Onstar for your Chevy Mylink Navigation.

Final Thoughts

Navigation is a modern feature for modern-day cars. You will no longer get lost while driving in an unknown city. To enjoy the navigation service, you need to buy a subscription on the Onstar for your Chevy Mylink Navigation.

As it requires an expensive monthly fee, you can avoid it and choose other effective options. You can use the navigation service of Google Maps, Apple Maps, Third-Party Paid Navigation, offline maps, and so on.

But for getting premium services, use Chevy Mylink Navigation with Onstar.

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